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Growth Strategy: Getting the Right People (Part 1) Dr. Sarah Layton CMC, FIMC

A dear friend and prominent lawyer brought today’s topic series to my attention. He says one of the keys to the success of his firm is getting the right mix of people. Over his career, he has seen many firms implode because the struggle to find and retain the right mix of personalities could not be overcome. Having a great corporate strategy, a written and well thought out strategic plan but the wrong mix of people will not get the best results. With over 20 years in the corporate consulting world, I can certainly attest that having the right mix of people will get better outcomes in almost every parameter you care to use. The corporate strategy, the strategic plan and the right mix of people are important to achieving the very highest outcome. I can’t name a single company that has employees that doesn’t struggle with the mix-of-people issue once in a while.

Posted in Growth, Organizational Strategy, Strategic Planning by Dr. Sarah Layton on July 10, 2013.
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Growth Strategies: Restaurants Could Serve A Winner

Restaurants serve many people every single day and every single customer represents an opportunity to get free value enhancing growth strategies for their business.  My family dines out several times a week. Someone in the food service industry must have said that the best way to never get complaints or good ideas from your customers is to not want any complaints or good ideas.

Posted in Growth, Organizational Strategy by Dr. Sarah Layton on June 18, 2013.
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