Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy Will Transform Your Business By Making Your Competition Irrelevant

Become a “Blue Ocean” Business and Discover Your
Untapped Markets

Companies mentioned in this video have successfully used Blue Ocean Strategy® and have been revealed publically. Dr. Layton is not able to reveal the names of her clients due to confidentiality agreements.

Discover What Sarah Can Do For You!

If your company is still using traditional management tools like SWOT analysis for strategic planning, it’s time to update your process and create true value innovation.  How?  By creating wide-open “blue oceans” where market space is uncontested and profit potential is unlimited.

Experience unprecedented growthBlue Ocean Strategy® (BOS) is a proven approach developed by researchers W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute in Fontainebleau, France.

Having earned qualification in BOS tools, concepts and frameworks, Dr. Sarah Layton of Corporate Strategy Institute provides specialized Blue Ocean Strategic Planning to help companies:


  • Identify new markets and new customers.
  • Increase revenue while reducing costs.
  • Establish their brand name in the buyer’s mind.
  • Sustain growth and profitability for long-term success.
  • Make the competition irrelevant!

With her straightforward, easy-to-understand presentations and processes, Dr. Layton will work closely with you to help create a stronger future for you and your organization.

Blue Ocean Strategy Management Tools

Dr. Layton utilizes the proven BOS management tools, frameworks and methodologies—developed by Kim and Mauborgne—to guide you through the step-by-step process of creating uncontested market space:

  • Value Innovation
  • Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean
  • Strategy Canvas
  • 4 Actions Framework
  • ERRC (Eliminate-Raise-Reduce-Create) Grid
  • PMS (Pioneers-Migrators Settlers) Map
  • Buyer Utility Map
  • 3 Tiers of Non-Customers
  • Sequence of BOS
  • 4 Hurdles to Execution
  • Fair Process
  • Tipping Point Leadership
Take the Blue Ocean Strategy approach and start experiencing unprecedented growth.  Contact Dr. Sarah Layton directly at (407) 342-6507 to find out how Corporate Strategy Institute can help you become a successful “blue ocean” business.