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Discover New Revenue Streams, Increased Sales and Raised Profits—While Reducing Costs

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Developing Your Midmarket Firm’s Succession Plan now in Middle Market Executive Magazine

A well thought out succession plan is a primary risk reduction tactic for any company. Just as we buy auto and homeowners’ insurance to cover our personal risks, a succession plan reduces the risk from many unforeseen events that can threaten the long-term health of a company.  Read More


mmx_logobPutting the Value Back in Value Innovation published in Middle Market Executive Magazine

Finance officers achieve their key decision-making status for a reason: it’s their expertise that’s critical to far more than a successful firm’s bottom line. But there’s always room for improvement, and it’s time for CFOs to fine-tune their collective image when it comes to working with entrepreneurs. Read More



5 Steps To Moving Past Boardroom Talk  now in

Hope is not a strategy. Boards of Directors will often establish a general plan and simply hope the executive team will know how to implement it to achieve the intended results. Unfortunately, there are a lot of disappointments as a frustrated board realizes the executive misinterpreted the strategy and, if they executed it at all, it was in the wrong direction. What can the CFO do to ensure a successful implementation of the corporate strategy? Read More


  One on One with the Corporate Strategy Institute’s Dr. Sarah Layton in CONSULTING

Dr. Sarah Layton has sort of done it all. The founder and CEO of the Corporate Strategy Institute started out as a teenage welder in her father’s company. She’s been director of a medical lab company at a college, a saleswoman, a real estate investor and a motivational speaker. Layton formed Corporate Strategy Institute, a boutique strategy firm, in the early 1990s after getting her doctorate in business. Ever since, she has helped companies maximize their revenue potential and growth, and bring their corporate vision to reality.  Read More


What Leaders Should Know About Value Innovation! now in

Faster! Faster!  Cheaper! Cheaper! That seems to be our battle cry so much these days that I  wonder if the concept of Value Innovation is ready for the dumpster. As a  business person passionate about Value Innovation, and believing…  Read More



Thought leader Dr. Sarah Layton featured in Industry Week

Read her thoughts on the Upward Trend in Domestic Manufacturing



Strategic Planning Services that Result in New Market Demand and Profitable Growth

Being truly successful in today’s marketplace requires more than just a competitive edge. In fact, it’s time to take a new approach to strategic planning services. Led by managing partner and CEO Dr. Sarah Layton, Corporate Strategy Institute, Inc., will provide strategic direction to help you:

  • Discover new revenue streams.
  • Increase sales and profits while reducing costs.
  • Sustain growth and profitability.
  • Strengthen the future of your organization.
Let us put you on the success path today. Contact Corporate Strategy Institute directly at (407) 342-6507 to find out how we can help guide your business to your highest goals.