Grow My Business

How Do I Grow My Business?

It’s a question that companies of all shapes and sizes ask: How do I grow my business? The answer: By channeling your organization’s proven ingenuity to tackle tough problems. In short, new problems require new solutions. And that’s where Corporate Strategy Institute comes in.

Whether you’re looking for a smoother, more profitable operation or you want to expand by adding new locations, offering new products, or exploring new markets, Dr. Sarah Layton’s Corporate Strategy Institute can provide strategic direction to help you move your company into the future.

Solutions to Help You Improve and Expand Your Business

Strategic planning processStrategic Planning Process

We bring our many years of business experience to guide you to getting the results you want, whether a complete strategic planning process to create your future, or a process to find a solution to a critical challenge. We will lead the thought process to get the results you need.

CSI Support and ResourcesStrategy Diagnostic

If you want to maximize your growth in today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to just keep pace with your competitors.  To truly succeed, you need to set the pace. Dr. Layton will help you set the pace by focusing specifically on strategies to improve and grow your business.

Organizational restructureOrganizational Restructure

Is your organization set up and structured to be as efficient and profitable as possible? We can take you through a process that will help determine whether a slight realignment or total restructure is necessary to position you for a better future.

Merger and acquisition transactionsMerger and Acquisition Transactions

Utilizing our network of M & A professionals, we can help you identify the kinds of relationships that are best for the growth trajectory you desire.

Put the right plan in place and achieve your goals to improve and expand your business.  Contact Corporate Strategy Institute directly at (407) 342-6507 to discuss how we can help.