Finance My Business

Discover How To Finance Your Business

Businessmen and women standing at a table, discussing business finance

Whatever your need for financing, a bank, institution or venture capitalist will be taking a risk on you. These are risk adverse times. This means you need to put your business in top condition so lending sources are willing to take the risk.  We can prepare you to “get pretty” for the Venture Capitalists and banks and can refer you to our network of capital resources to give the best chance of acquiring the capital you need for expansion.

Led by Dr. Sarah Layton, Corporate Strategy Institute can help you prepare for getting the financing you need to grow your business by:

  • Assessing the individual needs of your organization.  This assessment gives you the valuable benefit of seeing your business from the lender’s perspective.
  • Determining the current value of the company and what can be done to increase the value.  Lenders will look at the current value of your company.  Do you know what your company is worth now?  It is important to know what value your company has in the eyes of a lender.  Let us help you determine the value of your business and then determine if you want to increase that value prior to starting the finance process or concurrently with obtaining new financing.
Contact Corporate Strategy Institute directly at (407) 342-6507 to discuss how Dr. Layton can help you prepare for getting the financing you need to grow your business!