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Take a New Approach to Reach Your Goals for Corporate Value and Growth

The Corporate Strategy Institute can Provide the Specialized Support and Comprehensive Resources You Need to Move Your Business Forward

Move your business forward

If you want to maximize your growth in today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to just keep pace with your competitors.  To truly succeed, you need to set the pace. Managing partner and CEO of Corporate Strategy Institute, Dr. Sarah Layton, will help you set the pace by providing the expertise and resources you need to take your business in the direction you want to go.

Using her extensive business and consulting expertise, Dr. Layton will help you by providing:

  1. A Strategy Diagnostic - (Corporate, Government Agency, Not For Profit). An in-depth diagnostic assessment of the important areas of your organization and how they are contributing to the overall strategy goals and objectives. The results are a set of recommendations, that when successfully implemented with or without our help, result in positive organizational changes that create higher earnings.
  2. Preparation for Capital Sourcing – Are you prepared to successfully acquire capital sourcing with the best possible terms? We can prepare you to “get pretty” for the banks and Venture Capitalists and can refer you to our network of capital resources to give the best chance of acquiring the capital you need for expansion or special projects.
  3. A Corporate Valuation – Do you know what your company is worth now?  Even if you are not ready to sell, it is important to know the current value of your company.  Let us help you determine the value and then determine if you want to increase that value as you move into your future.
  4. Merger and Acquisition Transaction Guidance – Utilizing our network M & A professionals, we can help you identify the kinds of relationships that are best for the growth trajectory you desire.
  5. Access to our Business Sales Network – if you are ready to sell your business, we can identify and connect you with our qualified network of business sales professionals that will help improve the value of your company so you will be attractive at the highest possible sales price to the right buyer.
Contact Dr. Layton to learn more about what our comprehensive network of resources can do for you.  Call her today at (407) 342-6507 to discuss your goals for corporate growth.