Sell My Business

Prepare for Selling Your Company and Exploring New Opportunities

Selling your company, valuing your company

Whatever your reason for selling your company, such a decision requires planning and preparation.  Corporate Strategy Institute can help you prepare for the sale by increasing your company’s earnings so you obtain the highest possible sales price.

Dr. Sarah Layton will:

  • Assess the individual needs of your organization.  This assessment uses the same tools used by a knowledgeable buyer and gives you the value of seeing your business from the buyer’s perspective.
  •  Provide you with a report outlining  the actions that will enhance the value of your company, along with a current market valuation and a post “clean up” valuation estimate.  We can proceed with the sale or if you concur with our recommendations, we will work with your company to implement those changes over a six to twelve month period, ensuring that you are in the best shape possible before offering the company for sale.
  • Help you select the right business broker for the sale. Our Maximum Value Sales Program can identify and connect you with our qualified and approved network of business sales professionals. They will deliver comprehensive marketing, sales promotion and management, and a closing program to achieve the highest value for your company, while keeping you informed of all activity and progress.
Contact Corporate Strategy Institute directly at (407) 342-6507 to discuss how Dr. Layton can help you prepare for selling your company!